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Our Little Peanut: The 3rd Trimester

3rd Trimester (Weeks 28-40; April 24-July 17)

Favorite Foods: 
Fresh fruit, especially berries
ice cream
cereal with almond milk
in general I really don't have much as far as cravings go

Foods I Avoid:
Still not much interest in steak and seafood

Smells to Avoid:
Nothing much comes to mind

How I Feel & Baby Predictions:
I felt pretty good until around week 32 when my ankles first experienced the "cankle effect". In general besides the ankle swelling, around week 37 I began to experience sharp knife like pains up my uterus and then extremely itchy stomach due to stretch marks and the heat. Four days before my due date I began to get a 2nd wind of energy that lasted for only 2 days. My sister, Kelly, says that is "nesting."

I feel really lucky that I have not experienced heart burn at all during my pregnancy like most women. I have had a lot more sleeping issues this trimester --- I have had to sleep sitting up at least partially most of the time due to the weight on my lungs and can't really sleep on my side either.

Everyone thinks I am crazy that I am working up until my due date. Week 38 I met with my boss and some other people and my boss had a near panic attack that I had not already installed the car seat and placed the hospital bag in the car. He predicted that I would go out that weekend (just at 39 weeks).

Omar's Aunt Tina from Honduras said that July 15th is a full moon and predicted that today was the day I would have the baby. It is just funny that every time I talk to anyone they think I am going to have the baby.

July 14th and 15th I had Retail Leader Meetings. Everyone said in June that there was no way I would make it until the July meeting. I told them, I would be here and they were shocked when I showed up and when I had so much energy that I even went to dinner with them. I think this baby is just happy growing and staying where she is. I really haven't experienced any contractions, from what I know.

On my due date, Friday, July 17th, I was extremely exhausted. I spent most of the day sleeping on and off. I noticed I would randomly have a thud noise right below my breast bone about once an hour. I didn't feel anything along with the noise. It was never rhythmic and I figured it was not a big deal, but called to make sure it was ok as I had never had that happen. The nurse called me and told me she had never heard of something like that before in all her years of practicing. She went and asked the midwife on staff and she said that it was the baby hitting the piece of cartilage right at the breast bone.

Changing OB's:
When I got pregnant I didn't "shop around" for an OB. I asked some of my friends who all used the same practice, Sekine, Rasner, & Brock and they were all happy with them, so assumed I would be too.

From our first visit, with my husband in tow, all of our visits meant 1.5 hours+ of waiting before we saw the doctor and the office staff were not friendly. When I experienced an issue and tried to see the doctor they said they could not see me for over a month and I had to beg and plead to even speak to a nurse practitioner over the phone. When I finally spoke to them they told me to go to the ER. I pushed back and asked if this was really ER-worthy and they said that if they can't see me to just go to the ER. I went to my primary care physician and they were able to help the next day. No one ever contacted me to follow up to see if all was ok.

I did what they suggested and scheduled appointments with all 3 doctors in the practice because there is no guarantee who would deliver. Each time something seemed to happen. The visit for my gestational diabetes test happened and it had been a few weeks since my issue took place and I asked them to check to make sure everything was okay. This was my first time meeting one of the doctors. I was told the doctor would be right in after I had already been doing the testing for over an hour and I sat basically naked on the exam table for over 45 minutes for the doctor to come in. When she finally did, the first thing she said to me was, "So you failed your diabetes test, didn't you?" No, "Hi, I'm Dr. ___, I haven't met you before." or anything of that nature. Just - you failed your test. I was really shocked and didn't know what to say and what next steps would be. After crying after all the things she said to me and realizing that I would need to take the 3-hour gestational diabetes exam. Before she walked out, she said, "Oh, why are you naked?" Just another unpleasant doctor visit.

After taking my 3 hour exam, I had scheduled my next doctor visit to find out the results. On my way to the office there was a bad car accident that was going to cause me to be 15 minutes or so late. I didn't think it would be a big deal since I always waited over an hour and half to be seen. I have never been late to a doctor before and thought it only right to call and let them know. Unfortunately these days you have to go through multiple phone numbers and IVR systems to get to a human being. When I finally spoke with the receptionist and told them what would happen they told me not to bother coming and to reschedule my appointment if I wasn't there within 5-10 minutes scheduled than I need to reschedule. I told them how long I have waited for all my other doctor appointments and the response was that the doctor had other plans and that in general they recommend being the first appointment after lunch or when they open in the mornings. I told her I had done that before and it didn't matter because I still waited the same period of time and that they never had openings so it would be a long time before i would get in another appointment.

I drove home, not bothering to stop at the doctor - crying the whole way. I remembered that early that morning around 5AM I had a dream with the last bit of sleep that I had that morning. The dream was about that doctor visit and that something was going to happen to cause me to cry and be extremely upset and to leave that doctor's office.

Right after the phone call with the doctor's office, my sister-in-law Megan called and caused me to remember my dream and convinced me to not be scared to leave my current doctor. I went home and posted on Facebook asking for doctor recommendations.

After doing my own research and taking into consideration reviews, I chose Dr. Phelan who is the only physician in his practice but overall he is part of a larger practice, NFLOBGYN. He is one of, if not the longest practicing OB in Jacksonville and his practice overall is the oldest in all of Florida. His practice is near our new house too. The feel of the doctor's office, the length of wait, speaking with the doctor is much more comfortable too.

REAL Doctor Visits:

May 15th
Blood Pressure 102/64
Gained 5 pounds this month for a total of 29 during the pregnancy

This was my first visit at my new doctor's office, Dr. Phelan, who is the only doctor in his practice but is part of the larger group, NFLOBGYN (North FL OBGYN). The feel was completely different - much shorter wait, all the staff was really friendly and nice, and took their time. The atmosphere overall was much improved. The good news is that I finally learned that I past my 3 hr glucose test.

June 4th 
Blood pressure 120/68
Gained 7 pounds for a total of 36 during the pregnancy

I was gone so much during the month of May between the Sales Consumer Conference for the top producers of the company, to going to Utah to visit Omar's family. This visit I had my last sonogram completed. Could see that the baby has big lips and hair. We could see her eating and got a lot of facial/profile shots. Baby measures longer than most babies and weighs approximately 5lbs and 11 oz. which is weighing a week ahead (35 weeks instead of 34 weeks). If she stays on track she would weigh 8 lbs and 11 oz. at birth.

semi profile

Baby looking at us - eyes open

Baby looking at us

First Footprint

Check out those lips --- huge!

June 18th
Gained 3 pounds for a total of 39 during the pregnancy
This is the first of my weekly visits until I go into labor. Pelvic exams began and I can only imagine how painful labor is going to be after starting these exams.

June 25th
Gained 1 pound for total of 40 pounds during the pregnancy
Blood pressure 122/70
Spoke to the doctor that the only thing that I really cared about as far as a birth plan goes is delayed cord cutting, if possible. He compares birth to an Indiana Jones movie ---- you make it up as you go along. I still have no idea what exactly I want to do when going into labor, I think I'll just see what happens. Dr says that he thinks he will see me a few more times but if I want to be induced at 39 weeks he is willing to do that. My only concern is that I don't want to have a c-section and my fear is the baby is going to be too big.

July 1
Gained 3 pounds for a total of 43 pounds
Blood pressure 132/65
Effaced: 1 and 50%

July 10 (week 39) - met with the midwife
Gained 1 pound for a total of 44 pounds
Blood pressure 118/60 --- they said my blood pressure is AWESOME
Effaced: 1 and 70%
Baby heart rate: 144
It was explained to me that Group B Strep is extremely common from what I understand. The baby will not be able to fight off Group B strep which means that if my water breaks that I need to go immediately to the hospital as I have to have 2 dosages of some medication prior to giving birth. Also, since I live a little further away from the hospital if I start having contractions 7-10 minutes apart I should go to the hospital, rather than waiting until they are 5 minutes apart.

July 16 (week 39 - the day before week 40 and due date)
Gained 2 pounds for a total of 46 pounds
Blood pressure was normal
Baby heart rate in the 140's
Basically I am a 2
My doctor before doing the pelvic exam told me that he would look at scheduling me to be induced the next day (on my due date) so long as I am able to be induced if I wanted to. If not, than he would look at scraping my mucus lining which typically induces labor within 24 hours. The thing is that he is going out of town for a week starting on my birthday, that following Monday, July 20.

He checked me --- super painful - and he said the baby is still really far up and is so far up that I can't be induced and he can't scrape the mucus lining. I started crying. I don't know if it was from ...
- the pain of the pelvic exam or
- knowing that I would have to continue to endure the pain of a blistery/itchy stomach
- continue being extremely uncomfortable with sleeping
- need to postpone stopping work or
- that I changed doctors only to probably be delivered by a stranger,
...  or just a little of everything including being a hormonal pregnant person.

I went to the hospital to meet my child birth teacher. I asked her for any suggestions and she basically told me that sex, and nipple stimulation are the best things to induce labor. I just had to laugh. I think this baby is on her own schedule and will come when she wants. I was born on July 20 but my original due date was July 4...maybe that means I still have 2 more weeks before this baby comes. Who knows, maybe my doctor will be delivering her.

Belly Pictures:
28 Weeks (April 26)
Week 29...75 days to go (May 3)

30 weeks ... Biltmore Estates (May 10)

58 days to go

32 weeks - Boca Raton, FL Sales & Consumer Conference
39 weeks

cankle issues --- 7 days before
still ... 39 weeks

Classes (Breastfeeding/Birthing & Hospital Tour/Picking a Pediatrician)

We went to a 2 hour breast feeding class at Baptist South on June 18th. It was really informative and I'm glad we went. I'm not sure if Omar was excited as I was.

We took our childbirth class at St. Vincents Riverside on June 20th. It was an 8 hour long class. Omar really did not want to go, but he was a great partner and it would have been really weird going by myself. They did breathing techniques, help the men with coaching us during labor, and taught about all the labor items so you can make a decision as to what sort of birth plan you want. In Omar's opinion the class was a spa day as the men practiced a lot of massage techniques. We also took a tour of the maternity suites since we would be giving birth at the hospital now. There were 4 other couples in the class and we found out that one of the couples, Tabatha and Michael, live about 5 minutes away from our new house. They are due on August 10th so now we have some friends that we can hang out with in our new area.

We went on July 2nd to Carithers Pediatrics for their new parent orientation. The practice we will go to is in Riverside which is close to our new home. They have good office hours, reviews from people, and they even are value based providers --- which means the way they care for their patients is top notch. Following the meeting Omar and I went and ate dinner in Downtown Riverside.

Installing the Car Seat & Packing the Hospital Bag

I started packing the bag during week 38. Made a huge treat bag for Omar --- has candy, chips, pop-tarts, soda, and who knows what else...want to make sure he stays awake during my labor.

Then started on the other hospital bag for me. I didn't end up putting it into the car until week 39.

As for the car seat --- you can't take the baby home unless your carry them out in a car seat. Everyone says how challenging it is to install a car seat and so you should go have it done at one of those car seat events. It took me forever to find somewhere that I could have it installed. All events were full and booked and then I found a fire station in Jax Beach that you could make an appointment for. They were very kind and helpful.

Make Shift Nursery

It looks as though we will not be moved into our new house due to the renovations until after the baby is born. How long after? We are not quite sure, but my guess is we will be moved out by September (hopefully).

That meant that I finally had to accept that we needed to get things ready for this big change in our life so she would have a place to stay besides a drawer or box until we move. It took me a long time to get to a point of acceptance (through many crazy pregnant person moments) that everything doesn't have to be perfect and in place --- that all babies really need is love, food, diapers, and a place to sleep.

A box wouldn't be so bad, as a box is what I was put in when I was born. There are not many pictures of Omar as a baby or growing up in Honduras, a 3rd world country. During all of this the only thing he would say is that he basically wore diapers only growing up - so having all the stuff we have now for babies are not necessities. I sound like I have it all figured out. Don't get me wrong, I still want the other stuff to make "our lives" and the "babies life" easier and more comfortable.

I am ok buying used. The pack-n-play, real crib/changing table, Ubbi diaper pail are all used. My mother in law bought us the nursing recliner. My mom helped me put this nursery together one day when she came and visited in late June. I think all-in-all this baby is pretty lucky.

So here is what we have right now...

I went ahead and bought a changing pad for my changing table that goes with the real crib I bought from a friend. I went to put the changing pad on the table and realized it was way too big. I searched everywhere --- online, at various baby stores, and even on mom sites, only to realize that no one sells smaller changing table pads --- all pads are standard. I went back to Baby-R-Us to return the pad and the manager came up to me to talk about it. He said that he would pass the info on to corporate as I was not the first person that has the issue with changing pads for the cribs that include them.

I was trying to decide what would be the best option for a pad. From things I have read people took the standard ones and cut them up to fit, others have gone to JoAnn Fabrics and had them cut a peice of foam. I happened to be at Ross and was looking around and went down the dog aisle. I happened to see the small dog beds and it suddenly hit me that they would be a perfect fit for the changing table. I bought one and it did fit perfectly. Perhaps that is just plain odd to use as a baby pad, but it works and it is actually much more affordable than the ones that are being sold in the store.

dog pad

waterproof cover

final product

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Little Peanut: The 2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester (Weeks 13-28/Months 4-7)

Favorite Foods:

Chicken Salad sandwiches
Fresh strawberries and Nutella
anything with white QUESO
tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots with vinaigrette dressing
scrambled eggs

Foods I Avoid:

Most seafood
Onions are moving up to the semi-ok list

Smells to Avoid:

Ground Hamburger cooking

How I feel:

Once week 17 hit I was like a brand new person. Not feeling ill and finally figured out that gummy prenatal vitamins worked for me.

I feel like I have so much to do for this girl to arrive, but feel clueless as to what to do and lack of motivation to do it. I still haven't done a hospital tour, birthing class, breastfeeding class, started looking into pediatricians, etc. It just seems like so much! I feel like I need to make time to do some of this stuff, but not sure how to fit it in with everything else going on in my life. Which is crazy, because a baby is a lot of work --- I better figure this out quick!

Sometimes it drives me crazy to be asked "how do you feel?" I'm not sure how to answer that.  Do people really want to know how I feel? In general I feel like I'm a little looney with rollercoaster emotions where I never know when I am going to start crying and then other times I feel like same old Kate. Often I feel lonely. I have lots of upper back pain and can't imagine what it will be like once the baby comes.

But I don't want to complain or talk about it. I just think, often daily, how we wanted to have a baby for so long and how I know so many other people that have really horrible and challenging pregnancies or have not been able to have children despite their efforts. How can I complain? It's like a cake walk compared to most, which makes me feel bad, but also makes it not feel real. I thought I would feel lots of joy and excitement with being pregnant. I think I have more worry and concern than anything. Will I be able to help this baby survive? Will she hate me? Will Omar and I be able to parent well? Will I have fun being a mom? That word is weird, "mom". It just makes me think it is better to just not talk about it...just let it happen so there are no high or low expectations.

Doctor Visits:

February 19th -- Doctor Visit 19 weeks as of February 20th...the day we received the reveal information (see other post)
Blood pressure was high for me --- 122/78
Gained 10 pounds since the last doctor visit --- 12 pounds overall for the pregnancy

You can clearly see the baby's spine

Baby cradling the head --- looking comfy

Another baby pic

First footprint

March 19th  (118 days until due date) --- regular doctor visit...1 day from being 23 weeks.
blood pressure...110/59
Gained 5 more lbs for a total of 17 for the pregnancy. Doctor said the goal is to stay around 30 pounds for the pregnancy.

The morning of the doctor's appointment was the first day I started to feel the baby move. The doctor put a machine to hear the heart beat and all you could hear was a lot of swooshing because she was going crazy moving around.

April 17  (27 weeks)  ---- gestational diabetes test.
Gained 7 pounds this past month for a total of 24 for the pregnancy.
Blood pressure...112/62
I feel the baby move around a lot more now --- she really likes kicking me.
My hormones have had me acting like a crazy person --- extremely emotional and often sad, poor Omar.
At the point now where I can't really bend over like I used to be able to and everything is a lot more work than before.
I took the sugar drink and ended up failing the test by 6 points. The doctor said that it is probably from my infrequent eating and that I need to eat more and more often. I now had the choice to do a 3-hour glucose tolerance test or I could take home a machine and prick myself about 5 times a day for 2 weeks and record the my blood sugar levels. I opted for the 3 hour test.

April 22 --- 3-hour glucose tolerance test
Talk about miserable. I had to fast from food/water for what seemed like an eternity. It was 17 hours that I hadn't had anything. Then they give you a bottle (not a cup, a bottle) of sugar drink and take a vial of blood 4 times within a 3 hour period. The phlebotomists response at the end of it was, "Wow! You look like you just ran a whole marathon!" Gotta love it. I was so tired and beat up I had to go home instead of going to work. Don't worry, I worked from home, but was a complete wreck from lack of nourishment.

I just ponder about the pioneer women who traveled across the plains while being pregnant. I complain about a meesly beverage and blood that I give and they walked and walked and walked and bore their children with practically nothing. Amazing.
Hopefully I passed the test because I dont' know if I will be able to handle gestational diabetes rigid eating schedule and diet plan

Baby Registering

I was very fortunate to go with some friends to register for our baby girl on March 21. It was a fun time, but who knew we would need about 4 hours to register. It is interesting to learn all the things out there to help parents and baby have a more comfortable and happy life.

I registered at Buy Buy Baby and then we went and ate at Olive Garden.

Christine, me, Allison, and Charlie at Olive Garden (not pictured Ashley Dutson)

Belly Pictures

Half Way --- 20 weeks!

Belly started to pop about 21 weeks

23 weeks

24 WEEKS (3 photos)

26 weeks

28 weeks

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Baby Gender Reveal Party

Omar wanted to know the sex of the baby and I didn't. Omar said he wouldn't tell me or anyone else so I could have my surprise, but I knew that wasn't a possible thing for him. We figured that since we have been doing so much stuff to our house, it might make sense to find out what the sex is so we can decide which room should be the baby room.

Of course if we are going to learn the sex, I wanted to have a gender reveal party. Thursday, February 19th was the date we saw the doctor. Omar became crazy thinking that he would have to wait to find out and so we planned to have the party the weekend after seeing the doctor.

We have had friends that have done various types of reveal parties --- the balloon reveal, the cake reveal, the silly string reveal, so we knew we needed to do something different --- something....


The Reveal Idea
My sister Kelly came over and we started bouncing ideas off of each other. It started with my idea of having the reveal have something to do with glow-in-the-dark paint. But after researching it, it didn't seem like it would work as I was thinking as glow-in-the-dark paint doesn't work like invisible ink.

Kelly and I somehow thought of fireworks, which is perfect because Omar is obsessed with fireworks and next to our neighborhood there is a fireworks store open 365 days a year. We had to make some changes as a typical baby reveal is with colors Pink and Blue but you can't really purchase a separate pink only firework. So we did red and blue... here is our invitation.

We had people choose which team they were on when they arrived and to provide some ideas for 4-letter baby names...

The Menu
Baby Bacon Burgers
Red Chili Hot Dogs
Red Strawberries & Watermelon with Blueberry Yogurt Dipping Sauce
Blue Corn Chips and Red Salsa
Firecracker Popcorn
Sparkling Red & Blue Punch
Crackle Cake

The Party List
We kept the party small --- hoping to celebrate with others in a less formal way.
Aaron Schreiber, Nicholas & Caroline
Gail and Dane Hill, Koben & Kianna
George & Lisa Long
Laura Wakefield

The Big "Boom"ing Reveal
About 6pm I handed Aaron Schreiber the envelope to see which firework he should light. We went out to our cul-de-sac so we could see if it would be a boy or a girl.

Check out the video

Myself and Gayle were the only ones who guessed it would be a girl...

Afterward we went back and enjoyed the 2 cakes my mom and I made....

Now to pick a name...Too bad the name at the top of the list made at the party is
These were the suggestions of 4-letter names.