Friday, July 17, 2015

Make Shift Nursery

It looks as though we will not be moved into our new house due to the renovations until after the baby is born. How long after? We are not quite sure, but my guess is we will be moved out by September (hopefully).

That meant that I finally had to accept that we needed to get things ready for this big change in our life so she would have a place to stay besides a drawer or box until we move. It took me a long time to get to a point of acceptance (through many crazy pregnant person moments) that everything doesn't have to be perfect and in place --- that all babies really need is love, food, diapers, and a place to sleep.

A box wouldn't be so bad, as a box is what I was put in when I was born. There are not many pictures of Omar as a baby or growing up in Honduras, a 3rd world country. During all of this the only thing he would say is that he basically wore diapers only growing up - so having all the stuff we have now for babies are not necessities. I sound like I have it all figured out. Don't get me wrong, I still want the other stuff to make "our lives" and the "babies life" easier and more comfortable.

I am ok buying used. The pack-n-play, real crib/changing table, Ubbi diaper pail are all used. My mother in law bought us the nursing recliner. My mom helped me put this nursery together one day when she came and visited in late June. I think all-in-all this baby is pretty lucky.

So here is what we have right now...

I went ahead and bought a changing pad for my changing table that goes with the real crib I bought from a friend. I went to put the changing pad on the table and realized it was way too big. I searched everywhere --- online, at various baby stores, and even on mom sites, only to realize that no one sells smaller changing table pads --- all pads are standard. I went back to Baby-R-Us to return the pad and the manager came up to me to talk about it. He said that he would pass the info on to corporate as I was not the first person that has the issue with changing pads for the cribs that include them.

I was trying to decide what would be the best option for a pad. From things I have read people took the standard ones and cut them up to fit, others have gone to JoAnn Fabrics and had them cut a peice of foam. I happened to be at Ross and was looking around and went down the dog aisle. I happened to see the small dog beds and it suddenly hit me that they would be a perfect fit for the changing table. I bought one and it did fit perfectly. Perhaps that is just plain odd to use as a baby pad, but it works and it is actually much more affordable than the ones that are being sold in the store.

dog pad

waterproof cover

final product

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Laura said...

Ok, I don't think it is exactly accurate to say you slept in a box as a baby. We moved to Kissimmee when I was about 30 weeks along. Michael was still using the crib so we put you in the bassinet that came with our baby swing. So not exactly a box.